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Monday, April 30th, 2007
9:59 pm
My First School Project
Since getting this journalism job.. Ive had to take some writing classes.. 8 weeks worth. The first weeks assignment was to plan out my life from "tomorrow"... so heres what I came up with. Feel free to comment, and yes I know its CREEPY!!

Beginning somewhere near 2010 my life started to progress in the happy fashion that most people would already have. Being nearly 25 years old I finally found happiness within myself. I found out I didnt have to please everyone else to be truely happy. A fairly well written journalist who still had desires to do something else, but just not sure what that something was. I found myself being able to dwell on the things I was most passionate about, able to help others without making their problems my own. I soon found myself engulfed by love in all forms. Undecided about companionship and the idea of commitment I turned to focusing all of my thoughts into work and soon realized there was more in life than just work and that I strongly desired to be able to share my many loves with someone else. Waiting for love to fall into my lap wasnt an option anymore and I had to throw caution to the wind and actually pursue something that I had always put on hold. The idea of being 30 and unmarried scared me and allowed me to put my fears aside and deal with everything I needed to deal with in order to find someone to be with for the rest of my life and be totally happy. At the age of 27 I became married to an understanding guy who believed in my dreams no matter how far fetched they might have seemed at the time. Soon after found myself a Mom, much like my own Mother, I believed that my child could do anything he put his mind to. Not a pushy parent to make everything perfect, but raising my child to know had to do his best to feel self appreciative. Before I could turn around years had passed. I was nearly 40 with no college degree and a wonderful idea came into my head to go back to school. Having a child in school, still writing and now myself wishing I had done more with myself when I was younger I entered a classroom full of kids 20 years my junior and full speed ahead went at achieving my journalism degree. After completion of my degree I felt complete within myself and finally had peace of mind and the ability to focus on big writing. I was hired to a nationally read magazine and became somewhat locally famous. Time flies when your having fun and before I knew it I had a child entering college. A parents proud moment to see their child going into school to achieve their very own goals, but a parents saddest moment to see their child leave the house you have created for them to feel safe in. I added to my own workload to deal with the stresses of having a pretty quiet house. Time to enjoy my husband who was now ready to retire and enjoy some quality time at home relaxing. I felt fortunate to have such a novel life, one people dream of. The perfect house, someone perfect to share it with. Life moved slower in the days following my husbands retirement. Our son grew to be one of the most handsome caring gentlemen that anyone would ever care to meet and got a law degree and became a high profile attorney at a big law firm far from home. No one heard from him much except on major holidays when he flew home for a quick homecooked meal and then straight back home. Life was more sad at this point not having other children to rely on and becoming older. I had watched as my own parents passed on and a big majority of my large family went with them. I felt alone again, not because I wasnt happy, but because there didnt seem like anyone was left. A day that I didnt care to ever see came, I was truely alone in my own house. My husband passed away quietly in his sleep at the age of 79 as I had secretly always dreamed of. Being alone myself was easier than thinking that he would be alone to face the world by himself. I reverted back to being more like I was when I was younger. I started my own novel, a life story describing how in my very young days I struggled to get through things that happened to me. I stated how people shouldnt allow the negative people in their lives to affect the positive things going on around them and how everyone deserves to be loved and feel happy. I included the names of people who really made my life worthwhile, down to the pets I had as a child that often brought a smile to my face. I noted people who had passed on long before I was born including my Great Grandmother who forced herself to live in West Virginia pretty much raising many children sometimes on her own. I managed to really document everything. It amazed me how easy even in my old age that the words came. I felt like my job was done. The book was published, it turned out to be a best seller.
This story abrubtly ends as I am looking in on my family, or what little is left gathered in a room to mourn me. I realize just how valuable I was to the world, to the people closest to me. Its strange how sometimes you have to be completely removed from a situation to realize that you were loved and appreciated, not only as a person but as a being. I rest now beside my husband who I loved dearly for many years and continue to love even now. What a life, many moments not treasured enough, many forgotten too soon, but a life in its own.

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
3:35 pm
Anyone up for an online Tupperware Party?
Im going to open my online Tupperware Party this evening.. if anyones interested in joining up send me your e-mail. Should be tons of fun and theres a HUGE sale going on right now.
Monday, December 25th, 2006
11:27 am
Merry Christmas!!!
Sunday, December 17th, 2006
9:36 pm
I am doing absolutely nothing but laundry and getting my fudge making stuff together. I need a BREAK!!!!
Saturday, December 16th, 2006
12:51 am
This week
I dont know where to begin, this week has been pure hell.. I will start with the bad and go to the good.

Monday-Had Sally put to sleep :(
Went to a funeral & graveside service
BUT...... put up my Christmas tree and it looks cute. Silver glittery snowflakes, pearls, plastic clear icicles, and blue glass ornaments with white lights.. will post a picture if I get some time.

Tuesday-- Mom had dental surgery and got light headed afterwards... I was enhausted and still had to cook dinner for everyone
BUT....... well there was no but that day

Wednesday-- Got a phone call around noon, my grandma was in a car accident. We get there and the squad will not transport here where she wanted to go. She had surgery last winter on her heart and they couldnt take her to the hospital that had her records. Come to find out a friend of my parents hit her, he was charged with failure to yield. His truck was totalled, her van more than likely is too.
BUT... when we took her to the hospital she was ok and got to come home the same night.

Thursday-- Grandma drove us insane. She wanted to go into town to get her rental, which turned into like 4 stops to get stuff she needed and then get her things into the rental, which she hated (chevy cobalt-- my favorite car...) and I hit my head on the car and left a nice goose egg.
BUT... I got her taken care of and paid my tanning up for the next month, bye bye seasonal depression, hello nice tan for winter. I had a nice conversation which even more let me know I am afraid of being treated nice. I also scored a pair of Timberland boots, yes Im a redneck...
Negative... ran into my ex who proceeded to point and giggle. Dumb little fucker....

Today-- Christmas shopping. Find out my Aunt is a raving bitch who cancelled my moms parents emergency cell phone and didnt tell them about it. I am over her and her daughters. I dont need family that treats other people like shit.
BUT... I got a lot of my shopping done for everyone. Found a nice coat I want to take a picture of and also a pair of boots. Got Dierks Bentley's new CD because I love the "Prodigal Son's Prayer" song featuring the Grascals. I also got a new mandolin book and plan on working on that as soon as things calm down a little bit for me.

Wow.. what a week. Tomorrow I have to mail the Christmas cards and some gifts to my cousins in Georgia. I am so tired I cant think and Im ready for a week of rest, which wont happen for awhile.

Im spending New Years Day in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia!! CANT WAIT!!!!

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, December 2nd, 2006
3:08 am
my mall scores
Hm 21 for 3 hours.. I feel no different except sleep deprived.

My mall spree got me some cool things though..

a fish tail skirt for $8 that was $40

The body shop-
satsuma lip balm
strawberry lip balm
2 satsuma body washes
satsuma perfume oil
3 home scented oils
then got a makeup bag with some products including a rose perfume and an oil burner and 2 extra oils free with the purchase

Bath & Bodyworks-
3 hand soaps

Cant wait til later today :)
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